September 2018 - PentalQuartz

Mid-Century Ondulato

In a house radiating with mid-century charm, TVL Creative opened up walls and replaced all cabinets and fixtures to reinvent a dated kitchen with a cheerful retro vibe. A delightful mix of materials and colors come together to bring contemporary… [ Read More ]

Sea Cliff Statuario

Situated in Sea Cliff, NY, on Long Island’s north shore, this modern kitchen by Packard Cabinetry is filled with natural tones and the subtle veining of PentalQuartz in Polished Statuario. The sleek lines project a pleasing sense of order and… [ Read More ]

Arabescato Before and After

Tasked with updating a 90’s era master bathroom, TVL Creative utilized the room’s spacious footprint and high ceilings to create a sleek and modern retreat. Matte black fixtures, natural textures and mixed metals tie a cohesive design together through the… [ Read More ]