6 New PentalQuartz Colors!

We’ve done it again – we can’t stop adding new colors to our amazing PentalQuartz offering! Of the six new colors, four belong to our Natural Collection and two will be part of the Classic Collection.

Ondulato is a light gray with a hint of light veining and its counterpart, Nuage, is the perfect balance of beige and warm gray with slight movement.

Two concrete looks are offered in a Honed finish and embody a clean, sleek look. Santenay Honed is a light tan and Paloma Honed is the perfect medium grey.

White Fusion and Avalanche both feature swirls of color, the first being cool tones of white, grey, and black, and the latter with warm cream, brown, and the slightest hint of green. The movement and veining for both these colors will vary between slabs and each slab will be unique. If choosing one of these colors, be sure to select a specific slab for your project.