Belgium Blue and Gold

Bright and colorful cabinets are coming back to kitchens, as demonstrated in this elegant Northwest kitchen remodel by Highline Construction and Interiors. Echoing the vintage design of the black and gold French Lacanache range, the regal yellow-gold painted cabinets were finished with matte black hardware. PentalQuartz in Belgium Blue Satin on the perimeter countertops gives a dark and classic natural stone look. The light texturing on Belgium Blue Satin is easy to clean and maintain and also adds to the heritage feel of this kitchen. Tasteful details like the stately range hood, the heirloom décor, a soft patina on the cabinets and a mix of metal finishes create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Beneath a picture window with a dramatic mountain vista beyond, a charming farmhouse basin sink provides ample room for cleanup. A backsplash of Pental Surfaces Classic Ceramic Subway tile in White 3×6” brings a touch of modern to the mix. White marble sits atop sleek black cabinets for the large center island, providing contrast to the rich yellow. Black trim on the windows, dark floors and dark beams across the ceiling add depth and dimension to the room, creating a luxurious space to cook and entertain.

Fabrication by GDS Direct.

Remodel by Highline Construction and Highline Interiors.