Driftwood Deluxe

Last week we featured the Northwest model home at Semihamoo Shore, and today we’ll look at the Driftwood layout. Gracefully designed by Markie Nelson, the Driftwood possesses decidedly lighter and cooler color tones. Both the butler pantry and kitchen feature medium grey cabinetry topped with slightly darker PentalQuartz countertops in Coastal Grey. A glass tile backsplash adds shine and stainless steel appliances give the space a polished feel.





Master bathrooms on both the lower and upper levels continue the grey cabinetry, but this time it skews lighter with vanities topped in PentalQuartz Pearl White. A Moda Vetro glass subway tile backsplash makes for a sleek transition between the countertop and full wall mirror. Porcelain tile on the floor and walls pulls together the white and gray palette with Marvel Pro in the Statuario Select color.




Take a 3D tour of this model at the Driftwood page of the Semihamoo Shore website!