Open Plan Bungalow

The newly retired owners of this charming bungalow remodeled it to reflect an appealing contemporary Northwest style, while making it more energy efficient and accessible. Builder Potter Construction expertly removed walls and hallways to create an open floor plan. Marrying the main living spaces helps take advantage of the natural light and creates a visual connection through the first floor. New doors and windows, insulation, sustainable materials, and LED lighting schemes ensure the house is as energy efficient as possible.

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The family room and kitchen are now two of the most used rooms in the house. A floor to ceiling fireplace in the family room is covered in Island Stone cladding from Pental, and is visible from anywhere within these two spaces. The kitchen was enlarged and reconfigured to add storage and create a better work flow. PentalQuartz countertops in Serra sit atop white perimeter cabinetry, while the island provides a pop of color with turquoise cabinets. A neutral toned backsplash mixes porcelain & glass in Pental’s Parc Airstrip tile in the botticino color. Patterned glass fronts the upper cabinetry allowing visual access without having to keep everything in perfect order.

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This project was a true collaboration between the homeowners, Lathrop Douglass Architects, interior designer Markie Nelson, and builder Potter Construction.

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