Six New Distinct Colors

We’ve added six new colors to our extensive lineup of PentalQuartz! All the new colors are part of the Natural Collection and are evocative of popular natural stones, but with the durability and ease of care afforded by quartz.

The boldest of the new colors is Arabescato, which is influenced by Calacatta marble with very strong and well-defined neutral grey veining. Misterio is a bit gentler as a white marble look with delicate veining and soft movement. It’s similar to our popular Onixaa color, but with a brighter white background. Another light/white option called Icelake features unique patterning that’s reminiscent of watercolor.



Similar to the popular vein-cut quartzite, White Macaubas has mid-toned brown linear veining with a warm grey background. Crema Chiffon builds on the warmer-hued white offerings with golden tones and gentle veining. The darkest of the new colors is a study in tonal dark blue-greys called Blue Savoie and is based on a French marble.




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